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Being music lovers, coming across our first phonograph was quite exciting.  At an antique shop in Maine, there were ten phonographs in front of us, not just one.  Besides the striking appearance of the case that showed fine carpentry, the music coming from it was just amazing! We could hardly believe this was the product of sound technology from 100 years ago.  We played the same 78 rpm record on all different phonographs for an hour and carefully picked the one we thought had the best sound. 

After we brought it home, we started to experience some problems.  It always slowed down before the end of a song, no matter how hard we cranked it.  The static sound was getting more obvious.  The rubber band in between the sound box and tone arm just did not seem right.    At this point, we really needed help!!!  So, we started a series of antique phonograph adventures. One of those was the Brimfield Antique Show.   At Brimfield, we connected with a phonograph dealer in Keene, NH.   After a three hour drive to his shop in Keene, we discovered that the motor had a broken spring and the sound box (reproducer) was just a cheap reproduction.  He replaced the motor spring, but he did not have the original sound box.   Apparently, the phonograph we bought was an off-brand; not a well-known Victor Victrola.  The original reproducer would be more difficult to find.  MORE »

Three months later, we visited an antique co-op store in Nashua, New Hampshire. While browsing, we came across a laundry basket filled with phonograph parts.  We couldn’t believe our eyes!  To our amazement, we spotted the original reproducer for our phonograph!   Finally, our first phonograph is back to its original functioning condition!  Now, the sound coming from it is even more incredible than it was before!

Of course, we have acquired more and more phonographs since then, but that first one is still our favorite in terms of sound.  Would you like to know or guess what brand our first phonograph is?  Please click “Contact Us”, and we will be more than happy to let you know!!

As our collection continued to grow, we began entertaining the idea of selling and repairing phonographs.  One day we received a call from Settler’s Antiques in Georgetown, MA where we often visit.  The owner informed us that there was a retired phonograph dealer in Groveland, MA, who was considering selling everything he had.  Ralph Woodside had operated a phonograph business for 25 years and wanted to sell all his tools, machines, parts and some phonograph inventories.  This looked like a great opportunity.  We didn’t want to wait for years to collect these parts! Plus, Ralph offered to give us his technical assistance!  So, we brought 7 truck loads of stuff home!

Our goal is making sure our customers are always smiling when they look at and listen to their phonograph(s). That‘s how we enjoy our collections.  We provide excellent service with reasonable rates! We love suggestions from our customers and believe there is always room for improvement! 

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